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Rejuvenating massage

Relax... and enjoy a rejuvenating experience at Lotus Beauty & Wellness. Choose from a beautiful  range of holistic treatments and products guaranteed to make you look good and feel great....!

Perfect Potion - Australia's first Certified Natural Skincare Range and Organic Essential Oils are used in Lotus Beauty & Wellness treatments, and are available for purchase...

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-- Treatment Menu --

Customised Deluxe Facial
(1 hour $60)

Organic essential oils, herbal extracts, natural vitamins and plant derived ingredients are combined with deep cleansing, warm vapor, exfoliation, massage and masks to purify, soothe and nourish your skin.

Customised products will be chosen after a professional skin analysis to determine your particular skin type and condition


Express Facial
(30 mins $35)



Essential for your well-being, massage is both a preventative and restorative treatment. Massage assists relaxation, relieves tension, soothes sore muscles, improves circulation and assists in restoring balance and the natural healing processes of your body


Cellulite Treatment
(20 mins) $25 (30 mins) $35 (1 hour) $65

This treatment is designed to treat areas of the body particularly legs & buttocks affected by cellulite. Skin brushing, exfoliation, hot towels, and massage using detoxifying essential oils are combined to stimulate lymphatic drainage and break down cellulite. (20% off when 4 or more purchased)

Neck & Shoulder Massage

Full body Massage
1 Hour $55

Extended Full body Massage
1 Hour 30 mins $85

Back, neck and shoulders Massage.
30 Mins $35

Aromatherapy Massage
1 Hour $60

Choose a blend designed to either sooth and calm, detoxify, uplift or relieve pain.

Aromatherapy Massage with Facial Treatment.
Aromatherapy massage includes consultation, customised blend of essential oils, full body massage, facial cleanse, exfoliation, mask & moisturisers.
1 Hour 30 Mins $85

Thai Hot Herbal Ball Massage
1 hour $65

A new treament using Thai Hot Herbal Balls, containing Kaffir lime leaf & peel, lemongrass, cinnamon, ginger, sweet basil, tamarind leaf, and royal lotus! These are massaged over your body to promote deep muscle relaxation and release of toxins.

Aromatherapy is the art & science of using pure essential oils extracted from aromatic plants to enhance physical, mental and emotional well-being. It is considered one of the best ways of treating and preventing stress.

An aromatherapy massage is a unique, gentle and beautifully relaxing treatment. Your customised blend of essential oils are massaged into your body using specialised massage techniques. Choose a blend designed to either, help detoxify, soothe and calm, uplift or relieve aching bodies.


Deluxe Spa Pedicure
(1 Hour) $55

Sit back and enjoy this complete foot treatment which includes a warm foot spa with essential oils, exfoliating foot scrub, shaping, filing, buffing, cuticle work, soothing massage and choice of polish or mask.



Deluxe manicure
(1 hour) $45

Rejuvenated, healthy looking hands is the goal of this treatment. Your skin and cuticles are nourished and your nails filed and buffed to a healthy shine. Hand soak, exfoliation, mask and soothing massage are included


Hand and Nail


Lotus Beauty & Welness

Half leg ...........
3/4 leg.............

Full leg ............
Bikini - from ....
Half Arm ..........
Full Arm ...........
Eyebrow ..........
Eyebrow with Shaping..
Lip ...................
Chin .................
Lip and Chin

$ 17
$ 23
$ 28
$ 10
$ 12
$ 10
$ 17
$ 10
$ 15
$  8
$  8
$ 15


Lash tint ............................
Eyebrow tint .....................

$ 15
$ 10

Lotus Beauty & Welness

Pamper Packages

Lotus Beauty & Welness

Personalised Pamper Packages Your choice of beautiful nurturing treatments with a complimentary fruit plate and herbal tea with packages lasting 2 hours or more.

For example.................
Full body massage

( 3 hours 30mins) $169


Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are the perfect gift for
that special person. Available for all products and treatments.

Lotus Beauty & Wellness Voucher



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